Top Trends in Document Imaging and Capture

Document imaging, routing, and capture have brought new life to the way that we manage our documents. These new innovations have brought real solutions to the problems that ailed us in the past. Here are some of the top ways that document imaging is changing the landscape of business as we know it.

  1. Automation –

Automation is quickly becoming king. The ability to automatically extract metadata from documents is a solution that has shown concrete value. This is an affordable solution that can help improve your business’s overall efficiency.

  1. Multifunction Printers and Copiers Extending their uses –

Multifunction printers have always served multiple purposes. However, now more than ever, they are becoming the platform for which is putting scanning and capture in the hands of every employee, which makes the overall process a simpler one.

  1. 2D Bar Codes –

Utilizing 2D barcodes is another way that is decreasing the amount of time that your employees need to spend on processing information. 2D barcodes are an easy way of labeling things that show all the necessary data for filing. This improves the overall efficiency of document storage and retrieval and makes it a smoother, more streamlined process that doesn’t leave your employees searching for hours on end to find a single, misplaced document.

  1. Security –

One of the most popular topics in business today is the security of data. With the ever-increasing amount of cybercrime that is taking place all over the world, there must be ways to protect your data and the data of your company. Confidentiality is an increasingly important factor in business. With documents that have been stored using document scanning, it is possible to parse document text so that you obscure sensitive information such as a social security number or a tax ID number.

  1. The Output of Metadata –

Utilizing ECM for the collection of metadata has become a popular means of gathering information in one swoop and then distributing it to multiple locations. Organizations all over are looking for ways to reuse and share collected data. By utilizing advanced capture as a means for all in one data collection, you can reduce labor and provide information quickly to consumers of the data.

These are just some of the popular trends in document imaging and scanning. If you would like to learn more, please contact us today.