Office Solutions in Houston TX


Office Solutions in Houston TX

Are you in need of quality office services that keep your business data safe? Stargel’s Office Solutions in Houston, TX provides a one-stop shop for all your office needs. When you need office printers, copiers, scanners, and Managed IT services, we got you covered.

Ensure your office is running smoothly by getting in touch with us at (713) 461-5382.

At Stargel, we are dedicated to providing the best office solutions in Houston, TX. Easily maintain and increase the efficiency of day to day operations for your business.  

Stargel Office Solutions in Houston TX

We are the leading provider of office solutions that are both effective and efficient. When your office is operating smoothly, then productivity yields maximum results.

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We go above and beyond to satisfy our customer;s expectations and office needs. That is what makes us the largest Independent office Equipment Dealer in Houston, TX as recognized by the Houston Business Journal.

Office Equipment in Houston TX

If your business is still using slow, out of date, or broken equipment, it does more than backup office productivity. It causes your business to incur multiple repairs and operating costs.

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With Stargel’s office equipment in Houston, TX, employees can efficiently complete everyday tasks. We perform all office equipment maintenance and cleaning. That way, the technology you use every day at work continues to operate smoothly.

Stargel’s office solutions provides the best office equipment in Houston, TX that includes printers such as:

Scanners in Houston TX

  • Scan To Documents, Scan To File, Scan To Email, & Much More
  • Scan To Searchable PDF
  • Scan To Electronic Document Management
  • Scan To (OCR) Optical Character Recognition

Multifunction Systems in Houston, TX

  • High Volume Printing
  • Printing From Fax, Scan, & Copy From One Device
  • Finishing Options Including:
    • Booklet Making, Stapling, & 3-Hole Punch

Wide Format Printers in Houston TX

  • Print Multiple Documents, Wide Format Documents, 24” Documents or Wider
  • Graphic Design Capabilities
  • High-Quality Marketing & Advertising Materials
  • Quickly Capture & Route Documents

Managed IT Services in Houston TX

We provide the best Managed IT services in Houston, TX that cover your business’s printing, IT, and green initiatives. Our managed services help lower office operating costs while increasing the productivity and operations of your organization.

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Managed Print Services in Houston TX

Streamline your business processes and operational efficiency with our managed print services that include:

  • Real-Time Toner Delivery
  • Ordering High-Quality Printing Supplies
  • Custom Print Cost Reduction Plan
  • Up To Date Software and Driver Updates
  • So Much More

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Print Assessment Process in Houston TX

Our print assessment process helps implement the most valuable, cost-saving capabilities for your office. Benefit from our cost-saving tools, including:

  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Pro-Active Restocking of Supplies
  • Print Cartridges
  • Help Desk Support
  • So Much More

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Print Control and Output Management in Houston TX

Don’t let your office printer function more than it needs to. An overused printer backs up your business’s workflow and adds up operating costs.

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Our print control and output management allow your office to print from any device from anywhere. Benefit from reducing unnecessary printing loads and traffic with:

  • Silent Print Tracking
  • Print Rule Enforcement
  • Print Redirection & Rerouting
  • Print Accounting & Charge Backs

Document Management in Houston TX

Easily keep records of all the information your company communicates. Secure sensitive documents online while providing the easiest way to organize and access files.

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The benefits our document management provides includes:

  • Profitability Increase with Electronic Workflows
  • Improved Employee Efficiency & Productivity with Data Capture
  • No risk of Lost or Missing Documents with Document Management Software
  • Enhanced Competitive Advantage with Electronic Forms
  • Increased Digital Security with Digital Rights Management
  • Lowered Printing Costs & Environmental Impact with Print Control and Output Management
  • Enhanced B2B & B2C Relationships

Digital Signage in Houston TX

We have partnered with Toshiba to bring the Ellumina Digital Signage Service to your business or organization. With our digital signage service in Houston TX, your company benefits from:

  • LED Monument Signage
  • Interactive Touchscreens
  • Social Media Solutions For All Major Platforms   
  • Multilingual Solutions
  • Installation & Support
  • So Much More

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The Best Office Solutions and Equipment in Houston TX

At Stargel, we go above and beyond our customer’s expectations. We take pride in providing the best office management services and equipment, including printers, copiers, scanners, and so much more. That is what makes us the largest Houston Independent Office Equipment Dealer as recognized by the Houston Business Journal.

For the best Office Solutions in Houston, TX, call 713-461-5382.