The Benefits of MPS

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The Benefits of MPS

Initially, our clients see the obvious financial savings as the prime benefit of our Managed Print Services program. By eliminating the frustrations of managing printer repair, supply orders and document quality control, our clients realize higher productivity, focus and morale.

Since we can manage your existing fleet of printers regardless of brand, no capital investment is required. You only pay for the prints you use. Consolidating vendors also reduces the cost of processing invoices for multiple vendors.

  • Save Time With A Single Vendor
  • Easy Budgeting/No Hidden Fees
  • Proactive Remote Monitoring
  • Fix Or Replace Guarantee
  • Complete Fleet Management
  • Eliminate Toner Waste
  • Same Day On-site Service
  • Analysis Of Your Printing Needs
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Single Detailed Statements
  • Free Up IT Resources
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Automatic Toner Replenishment

Talking Numbers: Financial Benefits

We have found that managing an output fleet typically yields savings ranging from 7% to 15%.

The examples below show how that translates into dollar amounts for companies with annual revenues of $10 million and $50 million.

Annual Revenue $10 million $50 million
Average Office Print Spend $200,000 $1,000,000
Annual 7% Savings $14,000 $70,000
Annual 15% Savings $30,000 $150,000


In addition to financial savings, you will enjoy many other valuable benefits, including:

Owner, Executive, & Management Benefits IT Benefits Office Staff Benefits
Determine Total Cost of Ownership to make decisions and measure results



Keep highly compensated employees from troubleshooting routine problems


Keep staff focused on primary job responsibilities by removing restocking and repair coordination



Identify problem areas, including departments and employees with excess waste Reduce the number of calls to your help desk, increasing quality of response while reducing wait time Increase morale with a smoothly running document production environment.
Realize significant reduction in costs Keep printing quality and production time at optimum levels.