Print Control & Output Management


Print Control & Output Management

Did you know that your organization is probably printing more than it needs to? This may seem like bad news, however, it means a number of positive things for your business, including:
  • This is a great opportunity to begin cutting unnecessary costs and saving money.
  • While overprinting is a serious problem, it is one that Star Managed Services knows how to solve.
  • Printing less is an environmentally sound choice that’s aligned with the core values of so many organizations and the world at large.


Print Control & Output Management software lowers the cost and environmental impact of printing. These components can be purchased in a variety of configurations. It all depends on the needs of your organization. Eliminate stacks of unclaimed print jobs left on printers and increase document security. Secure or Follow Me printing is a print management service that is easy to install and use. No print queue modifications. It allows your users to release their print jobs at any device. This can be via their smartphone, web-enabled computer, ID badges, pin codes, etc.

Print Control & Output Management software comes with scan, fax, and copy tracking tools. These help you reduce and recover your document creation costs. From connected hardware terminals to software that runs on supported multi-function products. Print Control & Output Management software can monitor, log and organize network print data. All this is performed with a flexible, user-friendly interface. This gives businesses the ability to understand what users are printing. Know which applications they are printing from. Which printer/print servers they are using. This helps businesses identify high volume print users. Identifying underutilized print devices, print load trends, and traffic.

There are many benefits to implementing Print Control & Output Management. This Print Management software will help you better understand how your business prints. Learn how to best reduce unnecessary printing with:

  • Silent Print Tracking
  • Print Rule Enforcement
  • Print Redirection and Rerouting
  • Print Accounting and Charge Backs