Data Capture


Data Capture

Simple data capture provides out of the box data capture capabilities without the need for costly integration and extensive labor force training. It reduces the time and cost required to process thousands of forms per month, with an easy to install and user-friendly approach.

Simple data capture easily integrates with your existing architecture, which collects incoming paper and electronic documents from the customer’s range of multifunction products, desktop, and department scanners and fax servers. The user can associate each source with a profile, or document class.

Data capture can automatically cross-validate and reconcile captured results with database lookups and business rules, for both individual fields and line item table data. Captured documents, data and data can be stored to your database, archival systems, accounting systems, and document management systems.

During the document capture process, the operator’s selections can make the system more intelligent thanks to its self-learning capabilities. The more documents you process, the more intelligent the system becomes! Advanced data capture automatically collects, identifies and captures large volumes of structured and semi-structured documents. This provides advanced classification and capture capabilities to extract and verify data and seamlessly integrates with a wide range of document management, content management, and database applications.


Additional benefits of Simple Data Capture include:

  • Designed for high volume and high capacity input
  • Automate current business processes involving forms or semi-structured documents
  • Comply with government regulations, increase accuracy and processing speeds and improve customer relations
  • Import from any local or remote source including scanners, networked multifunction systems, fax servers, and directories.
  • Front-end integration enables knowledge workers to capture documents directly from multifunction products and launch workflows that tap advanced capture.