Digital Rights Management


Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management safeguards and prevents unauthorized use of digital files. This provides consistent and reliable protection of the documents. This is made effective through file encryption, permission control, and audit trail technologies. Digital Rights Management enables you to prevent unintended information from being exposed. This ensures a secure information sharing environment. Allowing better manage workflows and simplify secure collaboration.

Digital Rights Management is the best core security infrastructure. Especially for organizations struggling to reduce data loss and improve work efficiency.

Reliable Protection: Constantly protects files, including shared files for legitimate uses.

  • Data at Rest
  • Data in Transit
  • Data in Use

Dynamic Permission Controls: Controls file access privileges of users, groups and/or environments.

  • Who & Where (device, network address, etc.)
  • How (view, edit, print, copy, etc.)
  • When (validity period, how many times, etc.)

Audit Trail: Tracks activities of users and files changes in configuration.

  • Who (user, group)
  • What (document name, path)
  • How (view, edit, print, UnPackage)Digital Rights Management
  • Where (IP Address)
  • When (time log)