Multifunction Printer

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Multifunction Printer

A Multifunction Printer is more commonly known as Copier. These printing devices are more than just your standard desktop printer. At Stargel Office Solution’s, we combine the features of multiple devices and integrate them with additional print solutions. This provides a wide catalog provides an incredible value for any industry or print volume.

Determining which multifunction printer is perfect for you, we first determine your needs. Here are a few of the most common features of that come with our Multifunction Print devices:

  • Ability To Print, Copy, Scan, & Fax From A Single Device
  • Email Documents Directly From Copier
  • Scan Documents Directly To The Network Folder
    Multifunction Printing System With Copier,Scanner,Fax
  • High Volume Printing, Available In Both Color and Monochrome
  • Easily Upgradable & Easy To Troubleshoot
  • Advanced Finishing Options, such as Stapling, Booklet Making, & Three-Hole Punch

Advantage: Multifunction Printer Initial Cost

Only one Multifunction Printer, Copier, is necessary for your business. Companies no longer have to purchase a multitude of printers and fax machines.  Your business only needs to purchase just one of our powerful copier machines.

Advantage: Multifunction Printer Speed & Flexibility

Stargel’s Multifunction Printers, Copiers, operate faster than any laser printer. It is the multitasking capabilities of the printer that provides such a speedy process. No other office printing device can send faxes, print documents, scan images, and copy all at the same time.

Advantage: Multifunction Printer Saves Your Office Space

Our Multifunction Printer saves your office a lot of floor space. Most office printing machines and computer equipment produces clutter. With Stargel’s multifunction printer, your office’s space allotment benefits immensely.

It is vitally important that your business is able to create high-quality documents whenever necessary. It is very important to provide your customers with high quality, full-color materials. If your documents are not meeting the standard for your industry, you could be missing out. Whether you are creating new marketing materials or your monthly newsletter. Creating professional documents in full, vibrant color is easier than ever. Any business can achieve these high-quality results.

Learn how you can optimize your office with a Multifunction system from Stargel Office Solutions. Please contact us today!