Fuse Your Physical and Digital Document Storage

Physical documents have comprised the way that we do business for thousands of years. From early tablets to paper filing systems in modern offices, it has always been about physical documents. Now, however, computer and electronic document filing systems are being implemented into offices the world over.

The way we store documents has not severely affected the overall productivity of an office until recently. Digital document storage is a way to archive items, making them easily searched and retrieved, and stored in a way that does not occupy physical office space.

It is rarely the case that you will see a document management system that is 100% physical or digital these days, as both are necessary for some fashion to effectively run a business. The industry trend is leaning towards digital document storage for archived items that rarely need access. Firms that cannot effectively manage both physical and digital documents are much less likely to be able to appropriately keep up with competitive pressures within their field.

Here are some facts about document management that may surprise you:

  • Whether focused on digital or physical documents, document management strategies will help your business survive by organizing, monitoring, directing, and improving the way your business handles documents.
  • A majority of printed documents are discarded the day they are printed.
  • Losses in productivity due to searching for lost physical documents can add up to half an hour a day! This is 2 ½ hours a week that could be utilized for more productive means.

There are many reasons to implement a proven document management solution into your business. Contact us today to learn more about document management solutions that can improve the productivity of your office.