Email Management Solutions

An email is a vital tool in business today. However, it is important to accurately manage email in your business so that all processes run
smoothly across the board. Email has turned into somewhat of a burden for IT staff at businesses all over. If left unchecked, your business can be put at risk. Risk comes in the form of lost productivity, cost, and increased liability.

Email management policies are now a popular option being put into place by companies all over to reduce risk and improve productivity. Some vendors offer solutions that move data from a normal mail system into one that better addresses the needs of a cost-effective, long-term storage solution. This reduces the cost of saving documents internally.

As email piles up, IT departments tend to get swamped. With bulk junk email that may contain harmful viruses or adware increasing in
volume, IT departments are having to find new ways to sift the junk out. Some companies have tried to institute caps on the amount of data each user can have stored in their mail account, however, this leads to multiple issues. Users either delete old mail that then is needed for a project down the road, or their mailboxes fill up and are unable to receive new mail, which can seriously affect the speed at which projects are completed.

The answer is simpler than you might think. Effective email management must have a proper form of archiving and sorting through incoming
mail. Software solutions have been created that allow for companies to set guidelines as to what incoming email goes where, and how it is categorized. These processes are all managed by an individual in the IT department.

By having an employee manage the means in which email is archived through the use of innovative new software, you have a line of defense
both physically and digitally. You don’t tie up the entire IT department with email related issues but also don’t have to worry that the software is not going to work as it is supposed to because you have someone monitoring it.

Email management solutions are becoming increasingly popular in many businesses today. To find out more about how you can implement an email strategy into your organization, please contact us today!