Five Factors When Implementing Data Capture

When implementing a document capture system into your business, there are a number of factors that you need to take into

1. Know your content

Know the type of documents that your organization uses and where they are being produced in your company. This is vital because you must
know the content that will be entering your system and how it will be digitally filed and routed.

2. Understand the difference between scanning and capture

Document scanning and capture are two different processes. Document scanning is the process of taking your existing physical documents and digitally scanning them. Document capture is the process of extracting information while scanning and standardizing the method of organization.

3. Position document capture close to creation

By moving your document capture process closer to where your documents are being generated, you can increase indexing accuracy by up to 62%.

4. Test your system

It is very important to test your system before rolling it out to company-wide implementation. Test your document scanning, capturing, and
retrieval system and hone the system for filing so that it is accurate. To increase efficiency, it is very important that your documents are being stored in ways that simplify retrieval.

5. Train your employees!

Training is the most important part of this process. When your employees are properly trained in using your document capture and retrieval
system, the entire company will run more smoothly. As documents must be scanned in and properly archived, having employees trained to troubleshoot means you will not have to worry about large downtimes and a decrease in efficiency.

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