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What Is A Digital Signage Service

Stargel Office Solutions is the number one digital signage company. We proudly provide digital signage service in the Houston area. Stargel Office Solutions began operating in 1987 with one client to more than 6,000 today. We are a complete office technology company offering sales and service on multifunction printers, copiers scanners and more. One excellent service we provide is digital signage. This allows a business to effectively communicate and market their messages. A business should review their needs and benefits of digital signage first before purchasing a digital sign service for their business.

Digital Signage Service

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What is A Digital Signage Service

A digital signage service allows an organization to remotely create and manage content to unlimited devices and is a sub-segment of signage. Various digital technologies such as LCD and LED are used to display content such as digital images, video, and text. An organization can easily and instantly create and manage content on unlimited devices. A digital signage service is an excellent tool in order to boost communication, engagement, and productivity. In addition, a digital signage service is perfect for all digital signage needs.


An organization should review their needs, goals, and objectives in order to determine which digital signage is best. The number of screens, content strategy and budget are all important factors for digital signage needs. Stargel Office Solutions has partnered with Toshiba to bring Ellumina Digital Signage Service to fulfill the technological needs of an organization. As time passes, a business needs to improve their products, services, and unique ideas. Therefore, an organization needs to constantly update their advertising in order to keep customers informed. Advertising of a new product, a grand opening of a new location or a major event will benefit greatly from a digital signage service.


There are many benefits to a digital signage service. One is that this service uplifts a brands image. Digital signage is a reflection of a brand which allows for a positive reflection of that particular brand. The messages and content that are being displayed will be more interesting and dynamic by incorporating color-correct graphics and imagery. Another benefit is centralized and consistent messaging. This means that coordination can occur not only between digital signage but also among other signs to display marketing content. Management across multiple locations is an excellent benefit of a digital signage service. This allows business to operate in multiple locations. Therefore, this allows a manager to oversee all of the signage at every location. This will enhance the brand image with dynamic digital content in various locations.

Stargel Office Solutions provides the best digital signage services. We are the number one choice for digital signage in the Houston area and are dedicated to providing the best services and products. Stargel Office Solutions has a qualified and experienced team that will get the job done. Call us today at (713) 461 5382 to speak to a qualified representative regarding our digital signage services needs for any size business