Getting the printed paper from a multifunction printers

Multifunction Printers Are a Huge Boon for Houston Businesses – Here’s Why

A multifunction printer (also known as a multifunction copier or all-in-one-printer) is a device with multiple functions, allowing you to buy one piece of equipment that does everything instead of various machines to complete every operation. Among the tasks they can perform are copying, scanning, faxing, and printing. Some print in black and white, while others print in color.

As a business owner in or around Houston, Texas, owning multifunction printers can be beneficial. Unfortunately, not every business has made the leap into multifunction printers. It may be because they don´t understand their benefits, or their functionality, or they simply have not heard about these types of printers. Here is more information about all-in-one printers and how they can benefit you and your business.

How Multifunction Printers Benefit Businesses

One of the benefits of multifunction copiers is they take up less space than buying each item individually. A multifunction machine completes many functions. Without it, you may have a separate printer, copy machine, fax machine, and scanner. Each device takes up space that you may not necessarily have to spare.

Another significant benefit associated with a multifunction printer is that you only have to maintain and care for one machine, not several. Maintenance costs for multiple devices add up, affecting your bottom line. By consolidating disparate devices into one combination machine, you will reap significant cost savings on the service and maintenance of your multifunction printer over its lifespan.

But, the cost savings does not end there. Each piece of equipment you purchase costs money. Moreover, each device requires its own unique consumables, from toner and ink to drum kits and other working parts to even the amount of energy that each of your devices require to run. With a multifunction printer, you only have one piece of equipment to maintain and equip, saving your company money both immediately and in the long term.

Key Features of Multifunction Printers

Now that you know the benefits of a multifunction printer, you may be curious to learn about some of the key features of this piece of office equipment.

Standard features include copying, scanning, faxing, and printing. However, while printing is typical, the exact printing capability is not. Some multifunction devices print in black and white or color, while others can do both. Some print on cardstock and photo paper and offer double-sided print printing and secure printing options.

In addition to the standard features, there are many non-standard features that multifunction printers may offer. This includes Bluetooth or wireless printing technology, USB ports, and/or automatic document feeders.

Picking The Best Multifunction Printer for Your Office

While many of the features that multifunction printers possess are similar from one model to the next, there are also many differences among the available models. As such, you want to take your time to really learn about a machine and ensure it will meet the needs of your office. Paying attention to specific factors in your workplace and the machine’s features will go a long way in helping you select the right equipment. Here are some things you need to think about when picking the right multifunction printer for your office.

The first consideration is how many people will be using the printer, how much printing they do, the printing capability, and the speed of the printer. Some printers can handle hundreds of jobs and print multiple pages per second. Smaller machines may have less printing capability and be slower. Larger and faster printers cost more, but not having printers that keep up with your staff can wind up costing your office valuable time.

Another critical factor to consider is cost. Multifunction printers can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands. You need to think about how much your office can afford to spend and find a printer that fits within the price range.

Finally, safety, security, optional features, maintenance costs, and ink costs are all factors to ponder as you search for the right multifunctional printer for your office.

A multifunction printer is a huge boon for Houston businesses that can help you cut costs, improve workflows, save office space, and reduce maintenance time and expenses. If your business is looking for a multifunction printer, contact Stargel Office Solutions today and speak with one of our MFP experts.