A person reviewing and holding a lease agreement on a clipboard, illustrating the process of securing a copier lease for office equipment.

Why A Copier Lease Is A Smart Choice for Your Office

Are you perhaps thinking about getting a copier lease and need confirmation that it’s a good idea? The answer is that it’s a solid way to keep the office equipped without dropping a ton of cash all at once. Here’s the scoop on why a copier lease might be a smarter move than buying.

Why Consider A Copier Lease?

First and foremost, what is the thing that makes a lease attractive? That should be answered before anything else.

Splitting Up the Cost

You don’t have to pay all at once. With a copier lease, you spread the expense into bite-sized monthly payments. You get all the benefits with the subscription without the upfront sticker shock.

Keep Your Wallet Happy

Hang onto your cash for other things—maybe a new coffee machine for the break room or an unexpected repair on the air conditioning. Leasing a copier means your money isn’t tied up in equipment but is available for when something unexpected happens. Also, if you already have plans about where the money could be better spent, go ahead and invest in that.

Tax Time Just Got a Little Brighter

Come tax season, you might find a silver lining: copier lease fees might be possible to write off. It is always a good idea to talk to an accountant, but this could sweeten the deal at tax time.

Stay Sharp With the Latest Technology

Have you ever noticed how tech gadgets become outdated almost as soon as you buy them? That’s another reason to get a lease. With it, you sidestep that problem. Every few years, you can swap the copier for the newest model on the market to keep pace with technology with minimal, if any, extra cost.

Ditch the Maintenance Worries

Remember the last time the copier jammed right before a big meeting? It happens more often than most would like. However, with most leases, maintenance is part of the package. No mechanical hiccups or running out of toner will get in your way. All you need to do is contact the lease provider’s support team.

Copier Lease vs. Purchase: What’s Best for You?

Now, you may still be unsure whether or not a copier lease is really the best for you. It’s worth breaking down all the benefits and drawbacks.


Pros of leasing:

  • Low upfront costs without the deep financial commitment
  • Upgrade to the newest technology as it comes out
  • No need to sweat the small stuff; most repairs and upkeep are part of the deal
  • Adapt the lease terms to match company expansion, shrinkage, or any other change that might come
  • Predictable monthly expenses that make financial planning simpler

Cons of leasing:

  • The further you are in the lease, the more you might end up paying. It could be more than the copier’s value
  • You’re in it for the duration of the lease, which can be limiting
  • You might not get to tweak or choose features that might be more to your liking


Pros of buying:

  • Complete ownership. It’s all yours from the get-go.
  • Once you pay off the copier, it’s a non-recurring cost.
  • You can claim depreciation on tax returns, which might be a financial boon.
  • Manage, upgrade, or modify it on your terms and timeline.
  • You have the option to sell or trade the copier later if it’s no longer needed.

Cons of buying:

  • The high upfront costs can be quite off-putting.
  • Maintenance and repairs are all on you, both the trouble and the expense.
  • As newer models come out, yours might fall behind, affecting efficiency.
  • Technology depreciates quickly; if you decide to sell, it will be far lower than the purchase value.

Picking the Best Copier Lease

Here’s what you should keep in mind when shopping around.

Figure Out How Much You Print Daily

How much are you actually printing, scanning, or copying each day? Get a handle on the volume because it will dictate the kind of copier you need. Just as when deciding between buying a pickup truck or a compact car — size and capacity matter.

Color or Black and White?

Think about what you’re printing. If it’s mostly documents, black and white might be fine. But if you’re regularly producing colorful reports or marketing materials, you’ll want color capability. Ask yourself a simple question: what’s going to make your content pop, and does it even need to pop?

How Long Are You in It For?

Usually, a copier lease will run between three to five years. It’s a bit like a mobile phone contract — you must be good with the commitment and sure about it before you sign up. Changing mid-way can be a hassle, costly, or not possible.

Watch Out for Hidden Costs

Keep an eye out for the fine print that might mention overage charges or extra fees. After all, nobody likes surprises that hit the wallet, especially when you’re tightly budgeting.

Need Quick Fixes?

When something breaks, you’ll want it fixed yesterday. The service response times should be reasonably quick, so you’re not left hanging, especially if your company depends on printing to a considerable degree.

What’s Included in the Deal?

Are toner and paper included, or will you need to budget for those separately? Knowing this is like understanding if your lease car comes with or without insurance — it impacts your overall costs.

The Green Side of Things

Going with a lease can also be a win for the planet. Newer machines usually use less power, and you don’t have to worry about disposing of old equipment—the leasing company takes care of that.

Is a New Copier Lease Right for Your Office?

A copier lease could save you some headaches and keep your office humming along with the latest technology as it comes out. So, no panicking when the machine jams right before a big meeting.

So, if you’re willing to give it a go in Houston, Stargel Office Solutions has flexible terms that make sense for your companies of all sizes. Check out our flexible lease options on our homepage, get inspired by success stories on our blog, or go directly to our contact page to figure out the best setup for you.