Close up of an office printer with colorful charts in the output tray to signify Managed Print Services.

Managed Print Services Increases Data Security

Data breaches are a nightmare for any business. Even small mom-and-pop shops have to contend with this issue because the world has gone digital. You need to protect yourself against data breaches. The consequences of failure can be devastating. While you already know this, you might not understand precisely what makes your business vulnerable. The truth is that even the most innocuous things can be used against you, like your printer. Managed Print Services is the best way to defend against this problem, and you are about to learn why.

Managed Print Services: The Basics

Before getting into data security, we can start with an overview of the concept of Managed Print Services (MPS). This is a service (or group of services) that takes care of a business’s printing, copying, and other paper-related tasks.

These services can range from leasing multifunction copiers to an office to printing everything off-site. Secure document management, security audits, and many other features can also be included in the service package.

In general, the purpose of MPS is to provide businesses with cost-effective, high-level solutions for their printing and document needs. A quality Managed Print Services provider will be a resource that includes printing expertise, strategic planning, financial benefits, and more.

Managed Print Services will allow any business to save money, improve efficiency, and better handle printing and paper documentation.

The Importance of Printer Security

You can see why Managed Print Services provides benefits to many businesses, but what does that have to do with printer security? It’s not like people can hack your printer and cause problems for your business.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens to many enterprises. Printer security is one of the most frequently overlooked aspects of digital security. In fact, according to research done by Quocirca, 11 percent of all security breaches are targeted through printing devices.

A CyberNews team hacked roughly 28,000 printers around the world just to emphasize this point. Most printers are network-enabled. That means that external parties can attack them. Despite this, many printers are unsecure, making them easy targets. Printer hacks and security attacks can undoubtedly bring down the printing devices, but the risks are much greater than that.

Printers are digital devices. They store digital information regarding the documents they print (or copy, scan, etc.). That information is stored on the device, and if hacked, it can be stolen by malicious parties. If you have ever put confidential information through a printer or copier, it could be at risk.

There are many other things that malicious parties can do once they access an unsecured printer. Since it’s networked, they can now funnel additional attacks through that device, bypassing your most powerful cybersecurity mechanisms.

Printer security is of paramount importance to digital security and failing to realize this has cost many businesses more money than they could afford. The most frustrating part of all this is that printer security is easily attainable. With the right resources, your printers can be as secure as any other device, and you can be protected against these problems.

How Managed Print Services Boosts Data Security

Printer security is essential. So, how can Managed Print Services provide robust and secure solutions? By employing a raft of services and strategies. A good MPS provider like Stargel Office Solutions will audit your systems, provide regular and professional security management, update everything as needed, and even educate employees on best practices to optimize your security strategy.

Let’s talk about audits first. In most cases, your Managed Print Services provider will start with an audit of all of your printing and copying. They’ll look at how to optimize workflows, the cost of printing, and many other things. Included in this is an audit of your printer security. They will identify points of vulnerability and make recommendations to eliminate those issues. The audit is used to craft an overall strategy they will deploy and manage for you as part of the deal.

This is where professional security management comes into play. The MPS provider deploys resources to keep your data secure. They can include secure document management and follow-up audits to ensure everything is safe. Mostly, it means taking care of equipment and processes daily to guarantee that everything is working as intended. Security management means you have a team of experts working on your behalf to ensure all is well, even if you aren’t looking over their shoulders.

One of the key ways security management will keep you safe is through regular updates. Anyone can tell you that regular software updates are essential to data security. Your MPS provider will certainly keep your printer software up to date, but they’ll do more. They will also update your hardware and other systems to keep you on the safest path at all times. This can include incorporating cloud systems and other digital security investments that all stay one step ahead of anyone who would try to harm your operations.

Last, and probably most important, is education. You don’t have a staff of cybersecurity experts, and, unfortunately, ignorance is often a source of security breaches. Your Managed Print Services provider can offer training and educational resources that help everyone understand best practices related to printer security. When everyone forms good habits, your overall risk is lowered.

Data security is one of the most critical components to operating a successful business, and printer security is crucial. With a good Managed Print Services provider, you can have real data security. If you would like to learn more about how to make this happen for your Houston business, contact Stargel Office Solutions today. We’ll discuss your business and help get you started on the road to better security.