Houston Copier Dealer: Advice for Leasing Office Equipment

Every profession has famous “tools of the trade.” For example, when we think of carpenters, we think of hammers and nails; when we think of mechanics, we think of wrenches; when we think of writers, we think of pencils, keyboards, and cups of coffee. But when it comes to businesses that deal in paper and files, there really aren’t many “tools of the trade” that come to mind–except, perhaps, office equipment.

As the lifeblood of most organizations, office equipment is a key component of maintaining productive, effective workflows. However, acquiring the right tools for your business can be daunting when searching for an updated device. Consider the following tips before you enter into your next office equipment lease:

  1. Establish your needs: Deciding what functions your new piece of office equipment needs to accomplish will help guide your leasing decision. Do you need a color multifunction printer or will a black and white printer suffice? What applications and software will help streamline your business processes? Thinking through objectives and users before entering into a lease agreement ensures your new device—and your lease—will match your ongoing needs.
  2. Assess your current credit standing: When entering into a lease for office equipment, your business’s credit will be reviewed. Check your business credit report before getting started to verify that all of the information is correct and address any concerns to receive accurate rates on your lease.
  3. Determine the lease term: The term of your lease affects the total monthly payment when acquiring office equipment, with a longer term providing lower monthly payments. Matching your budget to your lease term guarantees manageable payments.

As a local, trusted office equipment dealer, Stargel Office Solutions prides itself on being a partner of all of the businesses we serve. We will work with you to review your needs, budget, and all terms of your lease without pressuring you to make a hasty decision. If you are in the Houston area and in search of new office equipment, contact us today.