Five Benefits of Instituting Digital Mail Processes

As technology has improved in recent years, new innovations have arisen in the realm of mail. You may be surprised to find out the many
benefits of instituting a digital mail process into your organization.

Here are the top five benefits to utilizing digital mail processes:

1. Improve efficiency

Efficiency is improved significantly by using digital mail processes. Digital Mail solutions allow your company to merge incoming mail
with your document stream to increase productivity, lower processing costs and increase the responsiveness of your customer service. You also lower costs of storage, search, retrieval, reproduction and distribution of documents.

2. Better manage high-value and time-sensitive mail

Digital mail will allow your organization to better utilize time and increase accountability. It a traditional mailroom, it is easy for documents to be misplaced. If that document was an important, time-sensitive piece for a client, you could be looking at drastic repercussions. Use digital
mail processes so you never lose an important piece of mail again.

3. Enhance collaboration

Digital Mail lets your company utilize more collaboration between branches. With digital mail, you can easily utilize efficient communication between your headquarters and satellite offices, or employees who work remotely.

4. Reduce junk mail

Junk mail is a part of life. Digital mail solutions allow you to highlight the volume of incoming mail, both wanted and unwanted within
your organization. You can then implement company policies that will effectively suppress unwanted mail.

5. Improve security

Finally, and in many cases most importantly, digital mail increases your overall document security. This means that only those who are
allowed to see certain documents will have access to them. You can implement mail distribution into your workflow solution to more securely and efficiently deliver mail.

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