A Closer Look at Wide Format Printers

In its relatively short time upon this earth, printing technology has come a very long way. Color prints used to be a near-priceless commodity. A large print job usually meant a long wait while the struggling printer choked and coughed on the paper. Printers were far from being the friend of successful business—and now, every company in the world, from the smallest hometown start-up to the biggest brand name goliath, relies on some form of printing technology.

Wide-format printers are a convenient and powerful addition for any business that regularly prints large-scale documents. Providing the ability to print beyond standard 8.5” x 11” or 11” x 17” paper stock opens up a new world of possibilities, specifically for marketing and promotional materials as well as Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firms seeking to ensure easy access to sizeable blueprints and renderings. With solutions that print up to 64-inches wide, the only limit you will encounter is your imagination.

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