A Closer Look at Copiers, Printers, and MFPs

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Every company has a fleet of office equipment--a combination of hardworking copiers, printers, and multifunction printers (or MFPs). Often we get so used to the presence of these devices that we start to overlook them, and then we won't be able to find places to improve the workflow and boost efficiency. Today, we'll take a closer look at copiers, printers, and more, and find out how to make sure you can put them to work for you.

Protect Multifunction Printers from Security Risks

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When you think about data security, you're probably thinking about passwords and firewalls--however, there's another side to security that you can't afford to forget: print security. A print environment without the proper protection can be a huge risk to your company.

Three Big Risks

The first step to protecting your company, your data, and your printers is to understand the risks you're facing. Here's a closer look at three of the biggest risks, straight from our printer experts.

How to Know When to Upgrade Your Copier

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Your company needs office equipment that can keep up with you. If your copiers are clunky and slow, if your printers jam, if your technology is causing more problems than it's fixing, it might be time for an upgrade. But how can you know for sure--and what should you do once you decide it's time for some replacements?

What To Look For

First things first: you need to decide if an upgrade is in order. Luckily, when office equipment is on its last legs, you'll probably notice. Here are some important signs that it's time for an upgrade:

Multifunction Printers: Small but Powerful

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Today's technology is focused on packing a big punch from a small device. Just take a look at mobile devices, which can do many of the same things as a PC, without requiring a whole desktop, mouse, and keyboard setup. You may not realize it, but multifunction printers are following the same trend: they're getting smaller and more powerful, which means more space and less hassle for your office.

3 Reasons Your Copier Needs an Upgrade

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Copiers are hardworking, reliable parts of a daily office workflow. Now, what happens when they stop being so hardworking and reliable? Tasks can pile up, confusion spreads like mold, and efficiency drops by the second. On the other hand, the need for an upgrade is sometimes more subtle--little places where you're spending more money than necessary or a task that took longer than it needed to. Either way, when it's time for an upgrade, you'll know.

Choosing a Houston Office Equipment Provider

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There are a lot of decisions to be made when it comes to office equipment, and they're all pretty important. What types of machines do you need? How many? How about multifunction printers? What will you do about maintenance and repairs? The truth is that all these questions are easy to answer--if, of course, you know the one question that will take care of everything: "Which office equipment provider is right for my company?"

Put Copiers to Work For You With Managed Services

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Let's face it--businesses are built on goals and ideals, but they are run by hardworking people and reliable office equipment. These machines are responsible for making sure that everything runs smoothly--and, in turn, you're the one responsible for making sure that the equipment runs smoothly. It might be a bigger job than it appears at first, and that's why you're missing out if you don't have a partner in managed services.

Multifunction Printers Make Waves in Your Business

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Multifunction printers perform the efficient and helpful task of combining print, fax, copy, and scan capabilities--but that's not all they do. By being a time-saving, space-saving, money-saving alternative to a fleet of machines for each separate task, a multifunction printer can make big waves in your business, in more ways than one. Let our Houston office equipment experts explain.

Choosing a Copier for Your Small Business

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Your small business wasn't formed in some cookie-cutter mold. It stands out from the crowd and makes the high-quality choices every time. It's not like every other business out there--so why would you use the same copier as every other business out there? The truth is that choosing the right copier is a big decision, and if you make a good one, you'll get a boost in efficiency and a drop in costs, all because you found a copier that fits your unique company rather than everyone else's.

Choosing the Perfect Multifunction Printer

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Multifunction printers offer a lot of benefits, and as more and more companies begin to embrace the technology and enjoy these benefits, it can get harder to determine what's best for your company in the overflow of reviews, opinions, and endorsements. Don't miss out on all a multifunction printer can offer--let our Houston experts help you choose the perfect device for your office.


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