Office Equipment

Houston IT servicesOffice Technology such as copiers and printers continue to evolve. These devices play a vital role in how effi-ciently your organization operates. Stargel Office Solutions specializes in helping you to choose the best array of equipment for your business’s needs. Utilizing the correct set of tools in your business allows your employees to not only be more efficient in their day to day operations, but also is an effective way to lower printing related costs.

Here are some of the key document production tools that can help you optimize your business unlike ever before:

Houston IT servicesMultifunction Systems

Multifunction systems give your office the combined ability to print, copy, scan and fax from one centralized device. More and more multifunction printers (MFPs) are integrating with desktop software and network applications, meaning that they also boost your workflow productivity.

Houston IT servicesPrinters

Printers from Stargel encompass both your standard desktop printers, to full-size high volume printers, offered in both black & white and full color. Printing technologies vary in print speed, supply costs, image, and quality. We will help you find the perfect printer for the specific needs of your office.

Houston IT servicesScanners

Scanners are a vital tool in business today. Whether you are looking to implement a digital archive or simply need to scan a document to be emailed, it is important that your business is properly equipped with a high-quality scanner.

Wide Format Printers

Houston IT servicesIf your organization prints a great number of posters, blueprints, maps or other large format documents, a wide format printer makes sense, especially if the alternative is outsourcing your print jobs to print shops.

To learn more about how you can optimize your office with Stargel Office Solutions, please contact us today!


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