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Ways You Can Prevent Copier Maintenance Issues

Your office’s productivity gets interpreted when your copier goes down. Copier maintenance issues cost your business both financially and productivity. The best strategy is to always to prevent these issues as best as possible. To do this, use Stargel’s best tips for preventing copier maintenance issues.

Tips For Preventing Copier Maintenance Issues

Start With Quality Equipment

Starting out with the right office equipment is the first step towards preventing copier maintenance. Knowing what copier to select for your office can be a bit challenging. With Stargel’s guidance, we can help you make the best-informed decision for your company. Always trust in a reliable office solution company like Stargel to provide you with the copier need.

Sometimes, online deals are too good to be true. Companies that offer their copiers staggering low prices due to missing parts or repairs.

Always invest in a copier machine form a company you can rely on. This way, you also invest in the long haul.

Educate Your Staff

Avoid unnecessary issues with your copier by taking the time to inform your staff on how to use it properly. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking copiers are 100% intuitive. However, all copiers need the practice to learn how to use them properly.

When you allow guests to use your copier machine, always have a sign detailing how to use the device. Include “How TO” steps and “Troubleshooting Instructions” to prevent issues.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Copiers require regular checkups in order to ensure everything is working properly. At Stargel, we schedule your maintenance checkups quarterly or weekly if you need.

Our copier service contract helps decrease copier downtime as well as service costs.

Purchase Proper Toner & Ink Cartridges

Always purchase the proper toner or ink that is recommended by the copier manufacturer.

An off-brand ink or toner cartridge can cause clotting or ink bleeding issues.

Regularly Clean Your Machine

As important as it is to have routine maintenance, so is performing regular cleaning. Light cleaning and wiping down of copier trays helps remove

  • Dust
  • Debris
  • Fingerprints

Do Not Mix  Match Paper

When you mix different paper types, sizes, or textures, you are setting your copier up for a massive jam. Always keep paper types separate from one another to prevent paper jams.

Are you finding your copier malfunctioning or down often? Then it is time to replace or upgrade your copier machine. Stargel Office Solutions provides office solutions that are reliable and affordable. For the best copier machines with the most efficient copier maintenance, contact Stargel at (713) 461-5382.