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Top Business Office Solutions for Houston Companies

The goal of any business is to operate as efficiently and profitably as possible. Being able to thrive in today’s competitive landscape requires business office solutions that provide efficiency and clarity to your organization’s processes.

The following article highlights several office solutions that ultimately make doing business easier and more efficient.

Reduce Reliance on Paper with Document Management

Paper plays a central role in day-to-day business operations, from expense reports to purchase orders and acquisition forms. With thousands of documents circulating from one department to another, it’s easy for employees to lose track of their workflow. As a result, critical documents get misplaced, which can cause delays and ultimately drain worker productivity.

Managing paper can quickly become cumbersome, especially as your business grows. Document management systems can help solve this problem by reducing your organization’s reliance on paper. Designed initially with digitizing documents in mind, DMS can also create streamlined workflows that help organizations and reduce paper shuffling.

Document management systems provide many benefits for Houston businesses, including:

  • Standardized processes – DMS comes in handy for creating standardized document management processes that comply with regulatory standards and make auditing easier.
  • Improved productivity – Creating a more organized environment with customized workflows allows employees to achieve more and feel more engaged with coworkers and the work environment in general.
  • Improved document retrieval – DMS also makes it easier to retrieve information and reduces document mishandling. This, in turn, lowers the likelihood of costly mistakes that could lead to lost profits and reputational damage.
  • Better security – DMS can help reduce the likelihood of data breaches, lost information, and operational disruption by putting companies in greater control of their data.
  • Eco-friendly environment – By reducing overall paper usage, DMS can help move businesses closer toward the overarching goal of the paperless office. DMS reduces waste and minimizes the need to reserve large amounts of space for physical document storage.

Outsource The Management of Your Print Fleet

Printing is another area that benefits from innovative business office solutions. On average, businesses reserve up to 15 percent of their revenue for printing costs alone. Print fleets have several cost areas, from ink and toner replenishment to routine maintenance and equipment acquisition. There’s also the cost per page to consider, along with the support staff needed to keep your print fleet going.

Needless to say, managing a business’s printing needs can easily become a significant expense, especially if those needs are handled in-house. Managed Print Services (MPS) eases the burden of print fleet management by outsourcing those functions to a trusted managed services provider.

The main focus of MPS includes:

  • Hardware acquisition and maintenance – MPS does more than take care of every device that prints paper or handles documents. It also provides crucial assessments that can help streamline your print fleet and introduce advanced technology that further benefits your business.
  • Technical support – MPS also handles the technical aspects of supporting your print environment, including 24/7 support for your print devices and dealing proactively with potential issues before they can cause downtime or system failure. Most MPS providers also offer an on-site service.
  • Workflow development – MPS takes a holistic approach toward managing the print environment by aiding businesses in controlling print expenses and optimizing overall efficiency.

MPS can help root out underlying inefficiencies in your current print fleet and make recommendations that ultimately boost productivity across the board. These recommendations range from replacing old and outdated equipment to promoting strategic printer placement to reduce the time employees spend walking to and from devices.

MPS also takes care of replenishing consumables and equipment monitoring, leaving your team to focus more on your business’s core functions. Finally, a trusted MPS provider can help your business reduce its overall printing expenses.

Leave Your IT Infrastructure Security & Maintenance Up to Professionals

Your IT infrastructure is just as important as your print fleet. However, it’s not unusual for businesses to manage their IT in-house, which comes with its share of costs and downsides. These include paying the salaries of multiple technicians with different levels and areas of expertise and the relentless march of technology. Ever-evolving cybersecurity threats, long-term IT changes caused by COVID-19, and the constant threat of downtime and equipment failure also represent a significant burden for businesses managing their own IT infrastructure.

This is where managed IT services come into play. Think of a managed IT services provider as an outsourced version of your in-house IT team. Instead of hiring employees to handle your technology, you’ll have a team of seasoned professionals on hand to provide full-service support for your IT needs. These technicians will work with your internal team to manage your day-to-day IT needs and tackle more complex projects that require elevated expertise.

Key benefits include:

  • Newer technology – Technology evolves quickly. Fortunately, managed IT services can help your business stay ahead of the tech curve through a wealth of resources.
  • Controlled costs – As a subscription service, businesses can treat managed IT as an operating cost instead of a capital expense, thus providing significant savings over the long run.
  • Labor cost savings – Outsourcing IT operations provides a significant cost advantage over hiring and training internal IT staff.
  • Better training and experience – Managed IT providers field teams of well-trained, experienced, and certified professionals well-versed in managing IT environments. Your business can significantly benefit from their expertise.
  • Enhanced security – Managed IT services can help secure your IT environment in various ways, from eliminating security loopholes and misconfiguration issues to implementing solutions that help block hackers and malware.
  • Regulatory compliance – Staying abreast of the latest regulatory processes can prove daunting for businesses that handle sensitive and confidential data. A trusted MSP can ensure your company continues to meet compliance regulations while avoiding steep regulatory penalties.

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