The Risks of Using Outdated Technology

The Risks of Using Outdated Technology

Because we live in a modern, fast-paced society you can expect many businesses utilizing the latest technology. For as fast as the world moves businesses need to learn to adapt quickly to a constantly changing environment. But that might be a problem for you if you’re using outdated technology which puts you at multiple risks.

Using outdated technology for your business isn’t just a burden on production, it also threatens your entire operation. Because we live in a technologically progressive world it should come as no surprise to you when you get a security breach. Cyber attackers will always find ways of infiltrating a business’s network especially if it’s running on technology that belonged in another generation. Continue reading below and see what risks come from using outdated technology and why you should upgrade today.

Lack of Security

Outdated technology places your business in a world of countless security risks. Choosing to not upgrade your inventory of technology can severely damage your production. In fact, most small businesses close down after one cyber attack. And even if you don’t own a small business, you’re still earning less profit than you should.

While it may seem intimidating to conform to modern standards, just know that you’re making a significant improvement by upgrading with new technology. Even though it would grant you the ultimate benefit, you don’t even need to totally upgrade all your inventory all at once. Browse through what technology you have and prioritize in what order you should upgrade. For example, if your computers are running with Windows XP, then you should probably upgrade these first. Windows XP is a severely outdated program and you should convert to Windows 10 if possible. You’ll be at less risk of having your computers infected with malware.

More so, if you hire a managed IT service, you’ll be significantly increasing your security. Consider hiring a professional and highly established team such as the ones that Stargel Office Solutions offers.

Decreased Productivity

Outdated technology runs much slower and takes longer to execute tasks. It’s even been estimated that you lose up to seven days per calendar year if you rely on outdated technology to aid in daily production. Because of decreased productivity, you’re lessening your revenue.

Productive employees allow you to gain more as opposed to those who waste their time trying to get equipment to work properly. But when you upgrade your equipment you’re not only increasing revenue, you’re also causing probable satisfaction in both your employees and customers.

Expensive Maintenance

No explanation is really needed for this. Having outdated technology is expensive to maintain. Compared to buying new equipment, it can cost nearly double to fix a system that is four years or older. Think of it like this: if you moved to a dangerous neighborhood and removed all safety precautions on your home (alarms, windows, doors, etc.) you’d be paying more out of pocket just to protect yourself from harm.

Another way to think of how you’re placing your business under risk is to consider what you’re actually paying your employees for. Are you paying them to do productive work or are you paying them to spend time trying to fix the office technology? If the answer is the latter, then you really need to consider what new technology you should get to progress production. On top of that, low satisfaction from employees results in higher turnover rates. This means that you can also expect to spend more on recruitment, hiring, and training.

Also, A lot of older technology requires more power in order to operate. If you’re clinging on to old tech, then you’re also paying more for electricity.

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