Benefits Of Corporate Philanthropy

The Benefits Of Corporate Philanthropy

It’s as the saying goes: “Do a good turn daily.” Making the effort to even perform one good, selfless task in a single day can benefit not only surrounding parties but also yourself. It’s a common trend in today’s modern business world; more and more companies are implementing charitable/philanthropic programs into their agendas. This, of course, benefits outside communities and organizations and can also greatly increase production and revenue in your own business. Here are just a few of the benefits that spawn from “doing a good turn daily.”


Obviously, you will gain the support from communities and other markets whose lives are not only benefitted by the services you provide but also by the philanthropy you exhibit and implement. You will be able to increase brand awareness just because consumers will purchase your products/services knowing that their money can benefit a charitable cause. This in turn, of course, leads to increased profits.


In our modern social age, job-seekers are looking for a workplace where corporate responsibility is evident. This also includes philanthropy. By showing that your business in some way attempts to benefit for a charitable cause, job-seekers will see this as a sign that you are not just concerned in increasing profit and revenue. Your acts of philanthropy will show that your business has a caring side. That sort of trait will be something sought by applicants when looking for a career. Not only that, but it will also provide a drive for employees to perform better in the workplace. This drive comes from knowing that their work can also benefit outside communities.


Not only will your corporate philanthropy attract new workers but it will also improve morale and work ethic. Employees will typically improve their productivity knowing that they are working for a company partaking in social responsibility. One example of how you can improve productivity in the workplace is by offering paid volunteer work. Employees will more than likely be more motivated to perform for your business since more their work can be converted into hours they can use to benefit a charity or other similar cause of their choice.


Are you looking to improve your business with state of the art equipment and IT services while also benefitting local communities? Then you should consider Stargel Office Solutions for your needs. Stargel is known for donating to various non-profit organizations. We even gave back to the community in the aftermath of Hurrican Harvey. Because of his commitment to support the community, Owner, and President, Jack Stargel was honored with the Houston Business Journal Corporate Philanthropy Award. If interested, contact us at 713-461-5382 or visit our contact us page on our website.