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Office Copiers Are Here to Stay: Why SMBs Rely on These Devices in the Digital Age

For all the talk about how the digital revolution will eventually lead offices into a paperless era, countless companies still rely on paper documents. And with so many offices reliant on paper for their workflows, it makes sense that the humble copier remains central to their productivity. Discover why businesses still need office copiers and the benefits these modern devices offer.

Copiers Remain Relevant for Businesses

As technology marches on, so does the way that modern offices adapt to these advances. Take digital, for instance. Countless offices appreciate the convenience, interactivity, and versatility that digital offers when managing workflows, not to mention that it’s also environmentally friendly. Some even think that digital will eventually supplant paper as the primary document management means for future businesses.

Nevertheless, paper remains dominant in the typical office setting. There are plenty of good reasons why businesses continue to rely on paper documents for their workloads instead of depending solely on digital:

Not every client operates on a paperless level.
Just because your business strives to be completely paperless doesn’t mean that your clients operate the same way. They may need hard copies for their recordkeeping and to manage business processes. Some clients may not have the software or equipment required to utilize digital files. Paper is the perfect way to bridge that technological gap and ensure that clients have exactly what they need when they need it.

You’ll also need a reliable backup just in case tech glitches happen. Anyone who’s ever used a computer or any other digital device has stories about crashes, reboots, freezes and other technological mishaps. The last thing you or your clients need is to lose vital data in the middle of a crucial project with a tight deadline looming. In contrast, hard copies are immune to computer crashes and offer a viable alternative if technology fails.

Paper offers a broader reach to more people.
Many people tout digital and the Internet as having a vast reach for advertising and promotions. But paper is no slouch, either. Smart businesses recognize the power of physical print materials, including brochures, catalogs and pamphlets, in reaching countless prospective customers. A great copier or multifunction printer is an invaluable asset for any company’s cross-marketing efforts.

Security also plays a role in why so many companies stick to paper for most of their business processes. Whereas digital documents and the mediums used to store and manage them prove vulnerable to data breaches and other cyberattacks, paper documents offer greater resiliency..

Critical Benefits of Modern Office Copiers

Fast and Efficient
The first copiers to ever hit the market were pretty slow – think 7 to 8 pages per minute. Since then, copiers have only gotten faster, with most models offering at least 50 ppm of output. And yes, some copiers provide double or triple the ppm speeds of standard models. Needless to say, a fast, high-quality copier can up your business’s productivity and workflows.

Incredibly Convenient to Use
Another great thing about modern copiers is that they offer incredible convenience to their users. Take multifunction printers, for instance. These devices do more than just print and copy documents – you can also fax, scan and even upload documents to the cloud or hard disk storage. In essence, the modern copier is a one-stop-shop for handling everyday office workflows.

Offers Room for Creativity
A modern copier also allows you to be creative. If you want to make thank-you cards for your customers or business cards for potential and loyal clients, the right office copier lets you do just that and much more. In short, today’s copiers allow you to create a wide variety of paper documents for just about any purpose.

Eco-Friendly Options
Being green means more than just pledging. Today’s modern copiers give you an opportunity to put that green behavior to actual use. For starters, most copiers feature energy management options designed to reduce both paper and electricity use. These include “Fast Mode,” which minimizes toner usage and makes faster prints. Scan-to-Cloud options also help reduce paper usage, allowing offices to maintain a more sustainable environment whenever possible.

Friendly to Your Bottom Line
An office copier can help your business save money on commercial printing and copy services. No longer will you have to trust your print and copy jobs to a third party and deal with the fees, wait times and uncertainty that comes with outsourcing. Modern copiers are also more reliable than ever. With the right copier service, you’ll save money in the long run on maintenance and upkeep.

Need a New Device? Why Leasing May Be the Best Financial Decision For Your SMB

When it comes to acquiring a new copier, you have plenty of options. You could purchase your copier outright or opt to lease your equipment. The latter offers some interesting advantages that could potentially make it a financially attractive option for your business, especially if you’re just getting started:

Lower Startup Costs
If you’re starting a new business, it might not have the capital outlay available to handle an upfront equipment purchase. A lease lets you acquire your new copier with a low deposit and manageable monthly payments throughout the lease term. This way, your business saves money as it works toward profitability.

Easier Upgrade Paths
Technology rarely stands still, and what’s cutting edge today could be obsolete five years from now. That’s especially true in the copier world. As technology progresses, so does the technology driving your office copier. Purchasing copiers outright means you’re stuck with increasingly outdated devices until you can sell them. On the other hand, a copier lease makes it easier to upgrade your devices and remain on the cutting edge of copier technology.

Consistent Budgeting
A copier lease also gives you predictable business expenditures, which translates into a stable budget. Your monthly lease payments won’t change, allowing you to make more accurate budget forecasts and better financial planning. Contrast that with purchased copiers. Their expenses can vary significantly from month to month depending on various factors.

Office copiers aren’t going away anytime soon. With the overwhelming majority of businesses still reliant on paper-based workflows, these devices remain relevant even in the face of constantly-advancing technology. Contact Stargel Office Solutions today and discover more about how a new office copier can benefit your Houston business.