Preventive maintenance of office equipment aids in the continuation of office operations.

Prolong the Lifespan of Your Multifunction Printers with Preventative Maintenance

No matter what industry your business operates in, there’s a good chance you rely on modern technology such as multifunctional printers (MFPs) to streamline your operations. Specifically, these “all-in-one” devices can perform various functions that improve productivity and save your employees valuable time. Some examples of typical functions of a multifunctional printer include making copies, scanning, faxing, and (of course) printing.

Still, multifunctional printers require regular care and maintenance to keep them running smoothly. By having a better understanding of why regular maintenance on these devices is so important and what you should be doing to care for yours, you can avoid workflow issues and other costly problems.

Most Houston Offices Have Multifunction Printers. Here’s Why:

Keeping paper copies of some documents will always be a necessity. While it’s true that many businesses have “gone digital,” there will always be a place for the multifunctional printer in the modern office. And when you consider that it is much cheaper per page to print/copy from an MFP than a desktop model, it makes financial sense to have one of these machines.

Likewise, paper copies are still the preferred medium for reading, commenting, and editing. Many people find it difficult and even unpleasant to read for an extended period of time from a screen. The blue light emitted from computers, phones, and tablet screens can cause uncomfortable eye strain. Meanwhile, making comments on a digital copy, while possible using word processing and other software, is often cumbersome. Many people prefer the simplicity of making comments directly on the margins of the printed page. Because of this and many other reasons, most Houston offices still rely on multifunction printers.

Neglecting to Service & Maintain Multifunctional Printers Halts Workflows

It’s clear now that multifunctional printers will likely always have a place in the modern office. However, some business owners fail to realize that properly servicing and maintaining these devices is extremely important. MFPs come with many moving parts by their very nature and design; without proper care and ongoing maintenance, it’s only a matter of time before a part wears out or stops working as it should.

And unfortunately, a printer malfunction can wreak havoc on your business operations. Consider, for example, how much your business might suffer if your office had to go without a functioning printer/copier for even one day. Even with a small amount of downtime, it is likely that your workflows would be impacted; some jobs and projects may simply not be able to get done until the necessary repair is made. This, in turn, affects your company’s bottom line while also reducing your workers’ productivity.

Even if there isn´t a complete breakdown of your multifunctional printer due to poor or non-existent maintenance, you may still end up with poor performance. This can include slow output when the machine is printing or making copies. Poor maintenance could also result in printing problems that render some essential documents unreadable or unpresentable.

By taking the time to properly maintain and service your multifunctional printer, you can keep it running smoothly and reduce overall downtime. This, in turn, can help maintain productivity in the workplace and protect your company’s bottom line.

How to Care for Your Devices Between Service Visits

So, what should you be doing to keep your multifunctional printer running smoothly? Start by scheduling regular service visits by a professional if you aren’t doing so already. From there, you can give your machine a fighting chance by using quality products. This includes ink, toner, and paper recommended for your specific printer model.

Likewise, taking the time to simply wipe down and dust your machine regularly can go a long way toward keeping it running smoothly. Over time, dust and debris can accumulate and cause small parts to fail or malfunction. Keeping things clean and dust-free can significantly prolong the life of your MFP.

It’s also a good idea to shut the machine off when you’re not using it. Many of these printers have settings that allow you to automatically shut the machine off at a certain time each day. This can come in handy, especially if your business maintains regular business hours. By shutting the machine down after closing time each day and over the weekends, you can cut down on unnecessary wear and tear while potentially reducing your energy bills in the process.

Finally, make sure you have somebody in IT who can check your machine for updates and install them as needed. Often, a printer that is running poorly is actually in dire need of a simple software update or patch.

The Final Word on Caring for Multifunctional Printers

You rely on your multifunctional printer to carry out many important functions within your office and place of business. It’s easy to take these machines for granted; however, a little basic care and maintenance goes a long way in preventing unexpected breakdowns and costs. By following these simple steps and by making sure you have a trusted professional coming in to service your multifunctional printer on a regular basis, you can keep things running smoothly.

If your Houston office could use some help in maintaining your multifunctional printers, our experienced and knowledgeable team has you covered. Get in touch with Stargel Office Solutions today to find out more about our printer maintenance and tune-up services!