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10 Interesting Office Stationery Facts You Didn’t Know

Office stationery supplies such as pencils, papers, and staplers are used every day at work or at home. They are useful tools that help people perform everyday tasks. What is often overlooked with office stationery products is their history and how they were created. Surprisingly enough, they are some fun facts about office stationery products that many people are unaware of. Here are 10 interesting facts about office stationery that may not be known.

  • Paper Was Created Thousands Of Years Ago – The Chinese eunuch Cai Lun created the first papermaking process in Ancient China during the 2nd Century.
  • The Yellow Fluorescent Highlighter Accounts for About 80% Of All Sales – Since yellow is in the middle spectrum of visible light, it works for people who are color blind. This is one of the reasons why yellow is the most popular color.
  • A BIC Pen Will Write For 2KM – A BIC ballpoint pen has enough ink to produce 2 kilometers of writing.
  • Post-It Notes Were Created By Accident – A scientist at 3M was attempting to create a super strong adhesive that would bond. When the attempted failed, it was repurposed to stick temporarily and not damage the surface it stuck to.
  • Pencils Are Used In Space – Astronauts use pencils when they need to write in space. The reason for this is that they can write upside down while some pens cannot do so.
  • The First Stapler Was Created For King Louis XIV – Each staple used by the King of France during the 18th century had the royal court insignia inscribed.
  • Norwegian Resistors Used Paperclips in World War 2 – They would wear paper clips on their lapels to symbolize their resistance to the Nazi occupiers.
  • Glue Sticks Were Inspired By Lipstick – The original inventor of the glue stick saw a woman applying lipstick and noticed how easy it was to twist up. This inspired the creation of the modern glue stick.
  • The Original Eraser – Pencils did not always have an eraser. Stale bread was used to erase pencil marks before the invention of rubber erasers.
  • The First Pens Were Used Around 4000 BC – The Ancient Egyptians first used pens to write on papyrus. The pen is actually older than modern paper.

Who knew that office stationery had such interesting histories and even some linking back to ancient civilizations. Common everyday supplies have unique and quirky facts that most people were not aware of. Office stationery supplies are used every day at offices and homes. They provide many different tasks such as writing, printing, binding and more. For companies that are looking for office solutions for their workplace, look no further than Stargel. Whether it’s office equipment, of document management, we provide the total office solution. Contact Stargel at 713-461-5382 for a free office solution quote today!