Document Management System

Increase Business Productivity With A Document Management System

Whether electronic or paper, documents are an integral part of any business. Depending on your company, managing business information is a challenging task. However, with the right Document Management System, easily capture, store, and retrieve documents.

A Document Management System provides many benefits for your business including:

  • Enhanced Document Security
  • Easy Document Retrieval
  • Reduced Storage Space
  • Better Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Improved Regulatory Compliance
  • Efficient Productivity

Document Management System For Your Business

With Stargel Office Solution’s document management system, your business gains the advantage.

Enhanced Document Security

For many businesses, document security is a vital component. With a document management system, you gain control over sensitive documents.

You control the accessibility to all documents. Allowing you to set the level of access for different groups and individuals.

A Document Management System provides you with  an audit trail that includes:

  • Who Has Viewed A Document
  • When A Document Was Accessed
  • How A Document Has Been Modified

Easy Document Retrieval

A DMS is a powerful time-saving tool. Easily retrieve documents by:

  • A Word or Phrase
  • A Full-Text Search
  • Index Categories

A Document Management System allows for easier integration with any business. It provides the opportunity to access documents anywhere, at any time.

Reduced Storage Space

A DMS reduces the need for file cabinets, boxes, and storage bins. It frees up valuable space in your office.

Better Backup & Disaster Recovery

Digitally archive and backup paper documents. With a DMS, documents are :

  • Protected For Fires & Floods
  • Data Is Backed Up
  • Documents Are Highly Traceable
  • Documents Can Be Tracked With A Range Of Criteria

Improved Regulation Compliance

A DMS reduces the risk noncompliance. Making documents more easily classified and stored.

Efficient Productivity

With our document management system, your business’s productivity benefits from:  

  • Flexibility
  • Improved Client Relations
  • Competitiveness
  • Peace Of Mind

When it comes to maintaining office efficiency, time is very valuable. Directly increase your business productivity with a more efficient document retrieval system. With Stargel Office Solutions, our Document Management System is scalable. Allowing us to meet the demanding needs of any business. From Managed It Services to Document Management, we have the tools that boost your office’s productivity.

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