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Copiers: A Business Selection Guide

Copiers come in all shapes, sizes, and models. So how do you select the perfect one for your business? With so much to consider, making an informed decision is key to ensuring the right purchase, as well as keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Copiers work in different ways. While there are a lot of features to consider, some will matter more to you than others. This guide will help you choose the perfect copier while still being budget-friendly.

The Main Copier Types

The type of copier you select should have features that reflect your business and office needs. The main differences between most copiers are printing with or without color and printing speed. Below are the different types of copiers you can choose from.


These copiers exclusively produce black-and-white prints. They are an affordable option for companies that don’t need color prints. A flexible tool for small organizations, they have extra functionality for additional jobs like faxing, copying, and scanning. If your business doesn’t need color prints but rather black-and-white documents, a monochrome copier would be an excellent choice.


While similar to multifunctional monochrome printers, these models can copy and print in color. They are the best choice for any company that needs printing of the best quality, like design and marketing agencies. Due to their capabilities, they’re usually slightly more expensive than monochrome printers.


If you’re on a budget and your office doesn’t require high-volume prints and copies, an inkjet printer is the best solution. While not the fastest multi-functional printer (that includes copying) out there, it does fare well in creating high-quality color images. Inkjet printers are also more compact than laser printers, so they’re a good option if you don’t have enough free office space but still require a copier. Inkjet multifunctional printers and copiers are a favorite in media, marketing, and design companies due to their ability to create crisp, clean, and accurate color images. Although they cost less than laser printers upfront, they use ink cartridges which increases the long-term cost of consumables.


On the opposite end of the spectrum are laser printers. Perhaps your team members don’t need to print colorful images and you value speed and efficiency. If your business uses mostly black text and white documents without many graphics, then a laser printer would be the best solution. The quality isn’t necessarily perfect like inkjet printers. That said, laser printers and copiers can handle much faster printing speeds. Hence, your team members won’t have to wait for their prints for long. Laser printers are more expensive than inkjet printers, but there are long-term costs to consider. For instance, they use toner rather than ink, and they don’t need to be replaced as often.

Production Printers

For companies that need to print and copy in large quantities, the production printer is ideal. Firms use them for large-scale business printing operations. Typically, they have many customizable functions and the capacity to print on a wide range of paper sizes. They usually execute more complex print processes, and their print speeds outpace other models. Production printers are more expensive than other types but are a worthwhile investment for companies that need to print on a larger scale.

Ink and Toner

Considering consumables is another important part of the copier selection process. Over the long term, these costs can add up significantly. Inkjet printers use ink to create graphics and images, while laser printers will use powdered toner. Consequently, inkjet printers can be more expensive in the long run as they need refilling. Assess how much these refills will cost before making a decision. Another consideration is the volume of printed pages you’ll make with your multi-purpose printer or copier. You will also need to invest in other consumables, such as paper.

Other Copier Features

To refine your choice, draw up a list of the specifications you require. They typically include:

  • Dots Per Inch – DPI measures the resolution of print graphics. If your office requires color copies and prints, we recommend looking for a copier with a DPI of 2400 x 2400. The result will be high-quality graphics that are sharp and easy to see. You can even consider higher DPIs if you work with graphic designers and photographers.
  • Speed – Speed is gauged in “PPM” or pages per minute. If you work in an office that needs a lot of copies and value efficiency, look for copiers that have a higher PPM. A good rule of thumb would be a PPM speed of 50 or over.
  • Memory – Selecting a copier with lots of memory aids faster operation. Much like other types of equipment, copiers will use Random Access Memory (RAM) and Solid State Drive (SSD) to better scan, print, and copy.
  • Scanning – Your copier’s scanning capabilities can also be an important feature depending on your work environment. The usual standard resolution is 600×600, but scanning graphics usually requires a much higher resolution, such as 4800 pixels.
  • Paper Capacity – Paper capacity is just as crucial as the other features on this list. It indicates the different paper formats your copier is compatible with, as well as how much paper it can use at once. If your office needs copies in multiple formats, paper capacity should accommodate that rather than just the regular A3 or A4 documents.

Note that when choosing a copier, it’s important to decide between a standard or multi-functional model before moving on and choosing the other features mentioned above.

The Best Solutions for Your Office

The right multifunctional copiers keep your workflow smooth, productive, and efficient. Scanning, copying, faxing, added options, and high volumes are all features that you should look out for. Stargel Office Solutions provides businesses in Houston with the ideal office equipment that helps them thrive. Stargel offers document management solutions, office equipment, and business-enhancing software to find a top-notch solution for any workflow and equipment challenges. If you need a copier or a multifunctional printer, contact Stargel for flexible, high-quality, and budget-friendly solutions for your business.