Multifunction Printer

6 Ways A Multifunction Printer Improves Office Efficiency

The digital world is taking over no matter what industry you are in. Long gone are the days of old-school multiple office management devices. Now businesses are utilizing the most cost-effective printing solution, a Multifunction Printer.

A multifunction printer is critical for your office to operate efficiently. We at Stargel firmly believe that having the right tools for the job increases productivity and efficiency. This is especially true when it comes to office devices such as a printer copier. Every modern office needs a printing technology like Stargel’s Multifunction Printer.

Updating Your Office Equipment Saves Your Business Money

When your office printing device is outdated or old, your entire work operation slows down and frustrates your employees. This creates a backed up workflow that halts your office’s productivity more and more each day.

Here are a few ways Stargel’s Multifunction Printer is the right device to boost your office’s productivity.

1) Ability To Multitask
With a Multifunction Printer, office multitasking is incredibly easy. Modernizing your printer copier allows your office device to handle a range of related tasks all at the same time.

You get the advantage of scanning a document and emailing it all from the same device.

2) Organization

With Stargel’s Office Equipment Solutions, you no longer have to waste time sorting through tons of pages of documents. Our Multifunction Printer puts your office’s documents in the correct order then staples your documents for you. Making your office productivity much faster and more accurate.

3) Control & Budget

With a Multifunction Printer, you acquire the ability to budget the copies being printed by each department or by the individual user. By monitoring your office printer, you save your office money on items like toner and paper.

A typical office is clustered with office machines all crammed on top of each other in the corner. With just one Multifunction Printer you replace your office’s fax machine, printer, scanner, and copier. Saving thousands of dollars for your business.

Our Multifunction Printer cuts the cost of initial office equipment in half. Saving you more money on maintenance and upkeep.

Our All-In-One Printer reduces installation time as well. Since only one machine needs to be installed, any downtime and complications for employees are completely eliminated. This helps keep the workflow in your office uninterrupted.

4) Mobile Printing & Advanced Networking

Having a modern copier machine like a Multifunction Printer makes it incredibly simple to connect multiple computers to one single printer. With mobile printing apps, you have the freedom of printing documents from your smartphone or tablet. Helping your office maintain efficient productivity even if someone is out of the office.

5) Copier Services

The biggest benefit you get with Stargel’s Multifunction Printer is the access to our Managed Print Services. Our managed print services also give you access to an expert from our company.

We set everything up for you. Our office printing services install your printer and all software that comes with it. Even every update and routine maintenance. Additionally, we handle the repairs and maintain toner inventory. Letting you focus on more important aspects of your business.

6) Create A Wide Range of Projects

Our Multifunction Printer is able to produce a variety of projects for your office. Easily print high-quality marketing materials or clear crips documents for a financial report. The ability to create and produce a wide range of projects saves your office time and money.

Stargel Office Solution’s multifunction printer does wonders for your office’s productivity. The features alone help streamline your office’s printing procedures and reduce waste. If you are ready to help your office staff work more efficiently while saving money, contact us at 713-461-5382.