Going Green

Houston IT servicesGoing green is a very important component in business today. Every business needs to do their part to help work towards a sustainable future. There are many different ways that your business can go green whether you are looking to implement Managed Print Services or are simply looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, Stargel Office Solutions can help your office to go green.

Stargel Office Solutions partners with Close The Loop Limited who is a leading global recycler of imaging consumables including inkjet cartridges, laser toner cartridges, drum units, copier bottles and more. Using state of the art materials separation processes, all cartridges are recycled with zero waste to landfill. Register for Close The Loop here.

Going green can be simple. Here are a few ways that you can get started with green printing practices in your office:

  • Duplex & Private Printing: Most multifunction systems feature duplex and private printing. Devices can be set to default to print on both sides of the paper, thus saving you up to 50% of your current paper consumption. Private printing releases a job only after the end user enters their password or pin reducing unneeded prints and increasing security.
  • Electronic Forms: Electronic forms allow you to print forms on demand, reducing your reliance on pre-printing documents. This ensures that you never waste printed documents due to documents becoming outdated. Discover Electronic Forms software from Star Managed Services!
  • Electronic Document Management & Workflow: Document Management solutions from Star Managed Services allow you to increase productivity and document security!
  • Implement Permissions: Setting permissions for high volume print jobs can help you significantly reduce your office printing. You can set your printing limit to any number of pages which would require authorization before printing. Discover the latest print control software solutions from Star Managed Services!
  • Additional Green Technologies: Ask about follow me, secure release, find me or ID badge release printing as well as print job routing and redirection to optimize your office’s green and cost-saving initiatives!

These are just a few quick tips to get you started. To learn more about how you can go green with Stargel Office Solutions, please contact us today!